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This ebook includes authentic traditional breakfast recipes like dosa, Sheera, poha, upma, parathas etc there are finger licking varieties like eggless banana muffins with jaggery, yummy eggless pancakes too. All recipes in this eBook are 100% vegetarian!

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No boxed cereals other than the organic non malted ones can replace the nutrition served by the fresh homemade breakfast recipes we had been eating in our childhood/teenage years. In fact traditional recipes of India have been renowned worldwide for its taste and variety too.

A Software engineer by profession and mom to 2 lovely kids, Neha has this unique charm and knack for churning out yummy recipes for tiny tummies (from even neglected veggies and fruits). 

Neha always stresses on the importance of healthy homemade foods for kids – the main reason that she came up with such a unique concept for this eBook – ‘21 healthy breakfast recipes for kids’.


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