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Its a gentle scrub brush consisting of a soft foam sponge attached, very effective to remove cradle cap.

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The CRADLE CAP BRUSH is a gentle scrub brush consisting of a soft foam sponge attached to a brush with over 800 gentle PE bristles. The scrub brush can be used to treat the common infant condition known as cradle cap(similar to dandruff) . Cradle cap is crusty or flaky skin that can appear on baby’s scalp. It can be prevented or treated by using the CRADLE CAP BRUSH as recommended every day.

STEP 1: Wet baby’s head with warm water. Use a small amount of your favorite oil (baby, olive, vegetable) and massage into baby’s scalp.

STEP 2: With gentle pressure massage baby’s scalp with the CRADLE CAP BRUSH in circular motion.

STEP 3 : Rinse baby’s head. After use : Wash brush with any soap and water and rinse it to free debris.


-Only Product like it in India
-Prevents Cradle Cap
-Lessens the Cradle Cap already present
-Easy to use


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