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Toddler approved, 29 yummy and tasty non vegetarian recipes in the form of starters, mains and side dishes. An array of egg, fish and chicken recipes of Indian, indo chinese and continental cuisines – this eBook is a MUST BUY!

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Prepare kid friendly versions of popular non-vegetarian dishes that will suit their palates with our eBook – 29 Non veg recipes for toddlers and kids.

Frequently asked questions:

#1. Non vegetarian food for kids, is it healthy?

Yes, it is.

Apart from being healthy it is also beneficial in the growth of their little bodies. But to ensure that you need to use fresh ingredients and stay away from preservatives. That is why we urge parents to avoid ordering out from restaurants. When you make non vegetarian dishes at home, you can be sure of the quality of food you serve, which is not the case when it comes to outside food.

These carefully selected recipes require only fresh and easy to obtain ingredients and it stays clear of preservatives and artificial food coloring.

#2. Why you need a copy of this eBook?

There is a reason why we call Roshni Ann Mathew, the author of this eBook, our in house expert on non vegetarian dishes. Apart from the knowledge imparted to her by her grand mom, she is also armed with a degree in Hotel Management from one of the premier institutes in the country and so we see her handle various cuisines with ease. This eBook has popular Indian, Chinese and continental recipes that your child will surely love.

#3. I can’t cook to save my life, so what’s the point of buying this book?

The mere talk of cuisines would have sent some of you into panic mode.

Relax, you can breathe easy for this eBook was designed keeping in mind that not everybody is equally talented when it comes to cooking. This eBook has made things easy for us by simplifying the recipes for us, while not compromising on the taste and nutrition value.

Each recipe is broken down into easy to follow steps so you can now make a Kerala style fish curry, a chicken fried rice or even a chicken oats upma like a pro. In fact, you can even ask you hubby to wield the knife and flaunt his cooking expertise by trying out some of these recipes.

#4. Are these recipes suitable only for the little one?

We may not be careful with our diet, but when it comes to our kids, we go the extra mile to ensure that they eat healthy. Isn’t it? Being a mother herself, Roshni knew that what suits us may not necessarily suit them and their delicate tummies. In fact, each recipe in this eBook has been tasted and approved by her biggest critic – her toddler.

But even though this book has our li’l munchkins as the target crowd and the recipes have been modified to suit their delicate tummies, but that doesn’t mean that only they can have it. These healthy recipes mean that now you can have your cake and eat it too!!

The delicious recipes in this ebook tackle that problem too. These 29 recipes include a good mix of main dishes, side dishes, snacks and even a yummy dessert that are a delight to the taste buds and fare high on health quotient as well.


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