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Reebaby anti-colic bottle

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Reebaby Anti-Colic Bottle is one of the must buy products for new mom. It is tough so free from easy breakage and the design helps to prevent mixing air while drinking milk.

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  • ReeBaby bottles have a ‘Patented Air Venting’ mechanism, which prevents formation of vaccuum in the bottle for smooth, controlled flow of milk while the baby is feeding.
  • This prevents ingestion of air so that burping, abdominal colic and otitis media are prevented.
  • The bottle is made up of strong Borosilicate Glass. Its unique design makes it easy to clean, sterilize and assemble. The joint-free structure prevents any residue build up.
  • The Silicone nipples and base are free from additives.
  • Read our review of Reebaby Anti-Colic Bottle for more info.


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