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Transition Made Easy


Transition is a part and parcel of growing up. But often, it also a great cause of concern for parents. Through this programme, we aim to help and equip parents to make the transition smooth for their little ones.

No matter what the age and change, this programme can help.

Duration: 2 Weeks




Transition is not always easy. Our kids are growing and the transition from one stage to the other may come with its own share of concerns. Don’t worry, we will try to help make the transition phase an easy one for you and your child.

This programme is 2 week long and here I will help to ease out the creases in transition through mails, calls and skype.

We will be offering the following, according to your requirement:

1. From purees to solids

2. Weaning made easy

3. Introducing purees to your breastfed child

4. Make ahead meals for nursery and day care

5. Adjusting to pre-school life


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